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Refrigerator Repair Houston

Houston's Viking Refrigerator Repair Service

We are the leading Viking refrigerator repair company in Houston. Our commitment to high quality work and customer satisfaction is second to none. We have been proudly serving Houston and the surrounding areas for many years. When it comes to refrigerator repair we set that standard that other businesses try to follow.

We can fix all makes and models:
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Affordable Viking Refrigerator Repairs

You are getting ready to make dinner, you open the fridge to take out some ingredients and you realize it isn't cold. What to do now? Call us. MWe think our well trained refrigerator repair professionals are the best in the business, they treat every job like they are working in their own home. They have the training, experience, and know-how to handle any refrigerator repair in Houston. Is your refrigerator making a funny sound? We can fix that! Is the freezer not freezing? Not a problem for us. No matter the problem when it comes to refrigerator repair our professionals are the best!



How much will your refrigerator repair cost?

Here's what you can count on. Like most appliance repair companies we charge a service fee to show up and evaluate what is wrong with your appliance. This fee varies during the course of the year ranging between $35 and $50. If you decide to allow us to make your repair then that fee is subtracted from the total repair cost.

Naturally larger appliances like refrigerators and freezers will often cost more to repair than a smaller appliance like a stove. BUT, that is not always the case. There are often times when all a refrigerator needs is a simple part replacement while a new electronic component needs to be installed in a washer or dryer which will make that repair more costly. Bottom line, it depends. And that's why we try to answer any questions you have during our initial service assessment, so you can make an informed decision on whether to proceed with your repair. Call us today to get an affordable appliance repair quote (713) 367-1772.